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“With 30+ years of customer service, I’ve learned the importance of listening and providing concise, technical information. Our industry leaders established us to focus on what directly affects home owners: health, safety, value and efficiency. We update our tools and knowledge to best convey problems and opportunities that affect your property. In the builder-friendly state of Georgia, ensure that you are your inspector’s #1 priority.”

~ Scott Richardson – Owner, Inspector and Neighbor

Our services page describes the details for each investigation provided.

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An Energy Audit is an inspection and analysis of consumption and usage flows for a building. Prescriptive measures are offered to reduce energy input without affecting the output. This investigation reduces energy expenses and your carbon footprint. Cost is based on location, building size and utilities/systems included (typically $100-$300), call today for scheduling and price.

Duct and Envelope Tightness Testing (DET), or blower-doors and duct-blasting, is a benefit to homeowners and required for new-construction homes. A D.E.T. test pressurizes building envelopes and HVAC systems to ensure they were constructed air-tight, or within their targeted range. The Technician can verify how leaky a home is overall and pinpoint fixable areas of…

Inspections are evaluations of the interdependent building components (exterior, interior, roof, foundation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing) for visible defects that compromise health, safety or the financial integrity of an asset. For everyone’s benefit within a real-estate transaction, an inspector’s investigation provides objective insight. To provide adequate property maintenance, we also offer Home-Health Check-Ups (annual consultations, partial…


Service fees are a sliding scale involving the age, size, location, and foundation of the property for inspections, based from recommendations by Internachi.

A typical 2,000ft² home should cost approximately $400. Call today for a custom quote and scheduling 404.563.3141

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We care. We're also insured, educated, mentored, and certified.

We invest beyond state requirements for our role in building safety, health and efficiency. Clients deserve facts, not alarming opinions, about asset investigations and we are geared to deliver just that.

Purchasing and maintaining a property is inherently stressful, but everyone deserves to love where they live. The intrinsic value of helping others achieve this is what drives us. Your inspection means much more to us than a checklist!

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