Mold and Radon Tests


Georgia does not require certifications for radon and mold tests, so criteria to serve these areas of our health are minimal. We are insured, educated, certified, experienced and equipped with updated instruments for quality testing.

The University of Georgia provides local information on radon. The Surgeon General recommended all homes be tested as radon is tasteless, odorless and the second-leading cause of lung-cancer. Radioactive measurement in your home is as serious as it sounds, ask if the technician is AARST/NRPP certified to ensure they are within national standards.

We are also Internachi certified and educated for mold testing. Air-quality is a major contributor to health and happiness, yet regularly overlooked. If anyone within your property has breathing concerns (infants, seniors, smokers, allergies) or you have questions, call today for a consultation. The EPA’s website has information on air quality and mold.